about me

Hello, I am Roland Zimmermann, a German student interested in physics, programming, machine learning, neural networks and reinforcement learning. This website is meant to present some of my work to the public.

After I have finished my school, I started to study physics with a lot of passion at the Georg-August-University of Göttingen.

Starting in the school, my interest in computers and programming grew steadily over the years. With the release of Windows 8 I started to program apps for the UWP system. Nowadays, some of my apps already are used by more than 2'100'000 people all around the world!

During university, I continued programming apps for Windows but also started to develop for Android. For scientific calculations, I also get involved with python.

This was even more boosted, when I got interested in machine learning and neural networks, as many frameworks have very easy to use python APIs.

Recently, I got interested in reinforcement learning, too, and started to implement several of these algorithms.

If you'd like please take a look at my StackOverflow profile and my repositories at GitHub