Sync My Stud.IP (SMSIP)

SMSIP (Sync My Stud.IP) is a small tool to keep your local files synchronized with the files of your courses in the Stud.IP platform. It makes it unnecessary to launch your browser, navigate to the Stud.IP page, login, select your course and to finally download your desired document.

This handy tool automatically downloads all files of courses you're enrolled in the background. You can further select courses and files to be skipped.
All of this is available for all Windows versions, macOS and Linux for free. To use this you only need an installed version of Java.

You can download it here for free (made by Roland Zimmermann and Luca Thiede):

You can also use Sync My Stud.IP mobile on your Android device - just go to the Play Store and download the latest version.
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